Antoinette van Zyl

Testing Boundaries

and Self Beliefs

Clinical Hyp, NGH USA., Cert. Instructor NGH USA.,

 Cert. Sports Hypno USA. NLP Master & Time Line Facilitator.

Seeing the great need for personal development she qualified as a clinical hypnotherapist and has established herself as a Corporate and Personal

Development Consultant, Motivational Trainer, and Author. 


She brings 20+ years’ experience in the area of Personal Development and Sales Staff Training. Antoinette was contracted into the USA where she was employed Hypnosis Institute of America and the Harte Institute Inc. New York assisting corporate companies and individuals with Communication Skills, Stress Release, Motivation, Goal Setting, Smoking Cessation & Weight Release Programs. She has also worked

in Malaysia and Borneo and with many athletes and golfers in NZ and the USA.


Antoinette operates a thriving Clinical Hypnotherapy and NLP practice in Auckland.  From her experience with clients, she has accumulated an intimate knowledge of the fundamental issues we all encounter in our daily lives.  One of the key areas of difficulty for the majority of her clients is relationships both personal and work,

and work/life balance.


Wings Aviation Magazine Cover Features 17-year-old Antoinette, the picture caption tells it all.
"Antoinette Pistorius, aged 17, has qualified as a private pilot at an age when she may not

legally drive a motor car."


Pretoria News Cover

Features an Article titled Girl Pilot, the picture caption says:
"Miss Antoinette Pistorius, who received her private pilot's license today - her 18th birthday, is seen with her instructor,

Mr. A. S. Ferreira, of the Pretoria Flying Club."


The reporter was Antoinette's first-ever passenger as a full pilot. Antoinette was the first female in South Africa to obtain a Government Subsidy for night flying and thus opened the door for other women. Also as her parents were against her learning to fly, she had to fund the lessons herself.


A proven top achiever.  Antoinette was the Sales Person of the Month World Wide, for Jani King an international company.


Antoinette facilitating Stop Smoking and Weight Release Seminars in the USA. Note the reaction of the women on the left at the end of the first row, as her husband is being hypnotized for the first time.

Guest Speaking Engagements:


  • Estee Lauder USA- “How to reach your dreams and goals”

  • Motorola USA - “Power of your mind”

  • BPW NZ - Various topics at different venues:

  • NZ Cricket Umpires Assoc. - “Power of the Mind”


Corporate Training Programmes:


  • Crown Institute NZ - Facilitated a one day course on Grooming

  • LJ Hooker NZ - “How to reach your dreams and goals”

  • Barfoot & Thompson NZ - Two day course on Goal Setting

  • Champagne Consultants NZ - Contract facilitator: NLP - Sales & You, Rapport Building, Advanced Course, and Stress Management Author - “Key to Achieving your Perfect Weight”

  • C.I.M.A. Cement Company, Malaysia – NLP Communication Skills, Rapport Building & Stress Management.